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FAQ Employee Purchase Program (EPP) from TELUS

Is the Employee Purchase Program available in all TELUS stores?

No. The Employee Purchase Program (EPP) for specific companies are only available at Orizon Mobile TELUS locations or via our online order portal at www.yourcell.ca. Orders can be completed through the portal or by email at pae@orizonmobile.com .

Can we apply the port-in credit on accessories?

No, but depending on the current promotions you will find discounted accessories or even accessories available free of charge on the web portal when you place your order. These promotions are only available online and not offered instore. You will receive the port-in credit on your TELUS monthly bills from the second to the sixth invoice.

When will I receive my phone?

The usual delay for delivery is from 3 to 10 working days following the reception of your activation codes. Certain promotional periods like Black Friday may cause additional delays. For further information about your order’s status, contact Orizon Mobile at 1- 844-519-6412 or you can also contact us by email, without forgetting to mention your name. Shipping charges may apply depending on the province of your delivery address; these fees will be confirmed with you for approval prior to the completion of your order.

Do I need to sign a two-year contract?

To benefit from the monthly discount, no. In order to receive the corporate rebate on a new device or the port-in credit a two year contract is required. If you are at the end of term on an existing TELUS contract or wish to activate on a BYOD (Bring your own device) plan, a new two year contract is not required.

If I already have a device, can I « unlock » it and use it on the TELUS network?

Yes, but TELUS is not responsible for the proper functioning of an « unlocked » device and no guarantee will apply. If your phone is not originally a TELUS or Koodo device, contact the original provider to complete the unlocking of the device. In accordance with the CRTC laws, all TELUS and Koodo devices sold after December 2017 were delivered unlocked. If you are eligible, according to these same laws your current provider must unlock your phone free of charge. Failure to unlock the device will prevent it from working on the TELUS network and considering that most orders are processed through the online portal we are unable to verify the compatibility of your device and assume no responsibility for the unlocking process prior to your activation with TELUS.

If I am already with Telus, am I eligible for the Employee Purchase Program corporate rates and discounts?

If there are less than 6 months left on your present contract, you are eligible for a renewal offer and to receive the associated discount on the price of a device with a two- year contract, according to the chosen rate plan. You may also convert your account to be eligible to receive the monthly discount. Some conditions and restrictions may apply. A 50$ conversion fee may also be applied for the migration of the account from consumer to Corporate EPP and the account will need to be under the same name as the eligible employee. You can send an email to pae@orizonmobile.com with your name, phone number and the eligible company’s name (employer), so we can confirm the terms of your current contract and your eligibility.

I made an order for a specific rate plan. When I look at my client service agreement, the discount on the monthly recurring fees is not applied. Why?

The contracts are automatically generated, that’s why we can’t apply any modifications. It is important to know that you have a discounted rate that will be applied directly to your monthly invoice but will not appear on the service agreement nor will it be visible on your online account. As an example, a $25 discounted rate plan will appear as $30.40 on your client service agreement. We ask you to sign the amendment form attached to your service agreement, where you can see the rates before and after the discount. Once you will receive your invoice, you will see the discounts applied.

I want to avoid paper invoices. How can I sign up for electronic invoices?

Once you receive the Welcome to TELUS email with the service agreement, take note of your account number. Go to the TELUS website (www.telusmobility.com/youraccount) and sign up for online billing. The procedures will require a PIN, so don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative if you need help. You can also contact TELUS billing department at 1-855-610-2100 so they can assist you further.

Why are some devices’ prices different from the prices displayed at TELUS?

These offers are exclusive to our corporate clients, the displayed prices at TELUS are regular consumers’ prices. Depending on the chosen rate plan and current promotions, our corporate clients can benefit from an additional discount on the device. The prices displayed on the sales portal, www.yourcell.ca reflect the prices with additional discounts applied based on your rate plan selection. Your device cost is shown on your contract. TELUS reserves the right to modify the price of the device or promotions without notice. If the price of the device is modified between the moment you placed your order and the time of delivery you will be notified and a confirmation to proceed will be requested.

When will I begin being invoiced?

Invoicing begins once your account is created and the activation is completed, regardless of when you receive your device. You can find your billing date on your service agreement. The date of delivery does not affect the billing date that is determined at the moment of the activation, so no credit will be applied for these reasons. We ask that you return the signed contract as soon as possible so that we may ship your device quickly and avoid delays.

Is the Law 60 applied to my contract?

If  you  signed  the  contract  after  December  3rd,  2013  the  Law  60  applies.  If  your agreement is a corporate one signed before December 3rd, 2013 the cancellation fees are of $20 per month remaining on the service contract, up to a maximum of $400 and a minimum of $100.

My first invoice is way more expensive than what I thought it would be. Why?

TELUS invoices one month in advance. It is normal that your first invoice is higher than the following, due to the billing cycle assigned when your device was activated. The amount billed on the first invoice corresponds to approximately one month and a half of service. You must not forget that you have the connection fees applied to the first bill. You will notice that some amounts are invoiced on a pro rata basis. For more information about billing, visit https://www.telus.com/en/qc/support/topic/using-my- telus/billing-in-my-telus or contact the TELUS billing department at 1-866-558-2273 if you need more information.

Can I keep my phone number from another provider if I open an account with TELUS?

You can keep your phone number from another provider if the line is still in service. You need to provide the information from your current provider when you complete the order form. A partial transfer of your phone number will be done upon activation. When you receive your device, you will be given instructions on how to complete the transfer. It is important to keep your account active with the previous provider. If you contact them to cancel your account, we won’t be able to transfer your cellphone number.

Can I keep my phone number if I am a pre-paid TELUS client?

You can keep your phone number, but first you need to call TELUS and change your pre- paid account to a month-to-month account without a contract. You can then submit your enquiry online to make a corporative account renewal. At this point you will be recognised as an existing TELUS customer and the devices prices will be reflected as so. Conversion fees may apply.

Does TELUS assume the cancellation penalty fees from my previous provider?

All penalties and fees from your previous provider are your responsibility. TELUS often features promotions that offer port-in credits if you transfer your number from another provider that may compensate for possible cancellation fees from your previous provider. The port-in credit that TELUS offers will not be applied directly to the penalty fees that you may be billed. The credit will be applied on your TELUS bill.

If I cancel my existing contract at TELUS and sign up for a two-year corporate rate plan, am I considered as a new client?

When you cancel your account with TELUS you remain in the TELUS databank for a period of 6 months and will still be considered an existing client for this period of time.

Can I modify my package or add features during the period of my service agreement?

It is possible to change your rate plan or to add/remove features at any time during your contract for a plan that is currently available on the market. To make a change, you need to send us an email in which you need to mention the account name and number, as well as the phone number and the rate plan or feature you wish to have. Restrictions may apply based on your minimum rate plan requirements and current available rates. By changing your current rate plan you may risk losing any promotional benefits that you may have, such as bonus data.

What happens after I place my order online?

The usual delay from the time you provide us with your proof of employment to the moment the device is delivered to your door is between 3 to 10 working days. Further delays can be anticipated if there are issues regarding the creation of your account or if the device is currently out of stock. Certain sale or promotional periods may cause additional delays in processing times, example Black Friday.

Following the completion of your order form, here all the next steps:

  1. Through this process you will be required to follow the instructions described in the email you will receive from TELUS in order to ‘unlock your offers’. It will either be asked of you to upload a recent proof of employment or to confirm your professional work email by clicking on the link. Once this step is completed, you need to inform your Orizon Mobile representative. Failure to submit valid proof of employment through this process will void your order.

(Accepted proofs are corporate email, Badge ID, or recent pay stub)

  1. Your new device will then be ordered and we will complete the activation or renewal. Once completed we will email you the new service agreement and you will need to sign it. This part of the process may take 3-5 days.
  2. You will need to return a signed copy of the service agreement by email to your Orizon Mobile representative. Once received, we will take payment on your credit card to cover delivery fees and the cost of the device if there is one.
  3. Once everything is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of shipment including the Purolator tracking number. The device will be delivered from 24 to 48 hours following the shipment depending on your location. A signature will be required at the time of delivery so it is important that someone be present at the delivery address on the date of expected delivery.

I would like to transfer my number from another provider, but my contract with them only ends in 2 months. What should I do?

To transfer your phone number from another provider the line needs to be active. If you wish to transfer it before your contract comes to term, we suggest you contact your provider to inquire about early cancellation fees. Take note that most providers charge one month of service in advance, so you will probably need to pay for one month of service at both TELUS and your current provider at the same time.

I would like to transfer the phone number I am using right now, how long will I be without service?

At the moment of activation we just do a partial transfer of the line from your previous provider that you will complete upon reception of your new device. During the activation or renewal process everything possible is done to ensure that service is maintained without interruption. If special instructions must be followed they will be provided.

How many lines can I activate on my account?

You can add up to 9 lines to your account for a total of ten depending on your credit history. The additional lines will share the data from your main line. The corporate discount is only applicable on the main line.  Take note that some conditions apply regarding the maximum number of added lines.

What are the prices for added lines?

The regular rate plans for additional lines are based on your province’s current TELUS offers to which certain promotions may apply. Visit www.yourcell.ca and select current TELUS client and Add A line to consult the current rates available to you. New activations on an Add-A-Line rate plan will also receive the additional exclusive corporate discount on the price of the device based on your choice of rate plan. The corporate discount as well as the data bundle will only be applied to your primary subscriber’s rate plan and all additional subscribers will share the data pool.

Can the members of my family enjoy these offers?

Yes, the members of your family can benefit from these offers as well, if they are added on your account. The account must be created in the name of the employee eligible for the discount and you will be invoiced for all of the lines on your account.

If something happens with my phone, where do I go to get customer service?

You can go to any TELUS store for customer service or contact us directly so that we may assist you. If you have an iPhone, it is also possible to go to an Apple store for all forms of assistance. If you are in the first 14 days following your purchase it is important that you contact us immediately so that we may proceed accordingly.

What are the fees for a new activation, a renewal or a SIM card?

There is a TELUS Connection fees of 35$ that will be applied on the first bill. This fee includes all the activation process and the sim card fees. Otherwise, there are no other fees that apply if you are already a corporate customer. You can reduce your connection fee by 5$ If you subscribe for automated pre-authorised payments with a credit card. If you are currently a regular consumer with TELUS a 50$ conversion fee per line will be billed. If you have a balance on your old device and wish to renew before the end of your current contract, the existing balance may be charged. Certain conditions may apply, please contact us for further explanation if needed.

How does data and sharing between users work?

The main line has a pool of data that each user will share. A line can use 80% of data and two others 10% and 5%, for example. It is not necessarily a fair distribution, but a sharing according to each one’s use. A notice will be sent to the primary subscriber to warn if you are approaching your data limit and then if there is an excess use of data. Data is consumed on a first-come, first-served method.

Can I add tablets a smartwatch to my account?

Yes, you can add tablets or smartwatch to your account. Corporate rates are also available for Tablets and smartwatches. There are promotions available for these devices and accessories too. Please contact your Orizon Mobile service representative for more details.

How many tablets or smartwatch can I add to my account?

You can add up to nine lines to your account, which makes ten lines in total. You can have as many tablets and cellphones as desired, as long as the maximum is respected.

Can I share the data included in my package with my tablets or smartwatch?

In fact, when you add a tablet to your account, you have two choices of rate plans: Sharing data from the existing data pool or adding additional data for the tablet, which will be added to the total amount of data shared in the account.

I would like to read the terms and conditions before I complete the form.

See attached the link for terms and conditions.

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