Secure Business

A business security system with 24-hour site protection

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Protect your business from a distance

Keep your business protected with 24/7 monitoring, real-time HD video, guard response, and instant event notifications.

Secure multiple locations from one screen

Protect your business and home by easily monitoring alarms and cameras for multiple locations from our powerful mobile security app.

Automate your business for smart savings

Optimize your business with intelligent automation and reporting using smart cameras, sensors and thermostats to help you save time and money.

Simple customization and set up

With up to $1,900 in included equipment and professional installation, easily customize your security system to meet your unique business needs

A day with TELUS Secure Business

9 h
Follow up on deliveries

With time-limited access codes, track your morning and after-hours deliveries and verify access to areas protected by your motion or door sensors.

18 h
Lock everything down before you leave the office

By setting automated closing parameters, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the doors are locked, the alarm system is activated and the thermostat is adjusted to reduce your energy costs.


8 h

Open your application and unlock access

Start the day by opening your smartphone app, setting the thermostat and unlocking the doors for your employees.


14 h
Attend your meeting off-site

No need to worry when you can monitor your office and secure areas with real-time alerts and high-resolution security images from anywhere.


Protect your assets with a commercial security system

TELUS’ customized security systems protect your business at all times with ULC-certified surveillance, identity management, intrusion management and video monitoring, all from Canada’s leading security provider.

Intrusion and fire monitoring

Be immediately alerted by text or email in case of unusual activity in or around your premises.

Video surveillance

Protect your business with anytime, real-time HD video surveillance from a mobile app.

Access control

Secure your assets and critical information; control access and monitor entry and exit.

Centralized management

Manage and control your security system on a centralized platform and benefit from video analytics and data.

Commercial security solutions tailored to your industry

Credit unions and financial institutions

Secure your premises against theft while increasing the safety of your employees and customers with outstanding surveillance systems.

  • Protect your customers’ assets with vaults, size-gauge cameras, silent alerts and video surveillance.
  • Enhance employee and customer safety with alarm and surveillance systems, along with cloud-based video storage.
  • Ensure compliance with PCI and fire safety standards with ULC video monitoring and recording and fire monitoring.

Health care

Protect your patients and staff with innovative security solutions. Equip your buildings with effective solutions to ensure your patients receive the assistance they need in a timely manner.

  • Secure your emergency rooms and medication storage areas with alarm systems and card access controls.
  • Protect public spaces, parking lots and shipping areas with video surveillance, thermal imaging and analytics technologies.
  • Improve patient comfort and building efficiency with smart outlets, temperature controls and lighting.

Transport and logistics

Ensure operational safety and efficiency with solutions that simplify tenant management, improve employee safety and protect your inventory.

  • Manage multiple tenants at once with remote access control and documentation of driver and trailer arrivals.
  • Enhance employee and driver security with programmed card access, gates, wired intercoms and cameras.
  • Meet regulatory, union and insurance standards with ULC-certified monitoring solutions.

Real Estate Management

Manage multiple properties remotely, observe high-traffic areas, and use automated sensors for proactive maintenance with an easy-to-use property management dashboard.

  • Enhance the tenant and visitor experience by providing remote access to certain areas of the property.
  • Create a safe environment for busy locations with proactive fire, smoke, temperature and water detection.
  • Ensure your tenants’ safety with video surveillance of public areas and card access to gyms, pools and indoor parking lots.