TELUS Health for Business

We help you support your employees

Having healthy employees is essential to the success of your business. Support this with solutions for physical and psychological well-being and streamlined management of human-centered insurance plans.

Virtual care

At TELUS Health, we believe that quality care requires a human approach. We currently support over 2.8 million Canadian employees with our suite of integrated health and wellness products designed specifically for businesses.

Virtual Care

Life course

Specialized digital therapy

Let our team customize a virtual care plan that includes onboarding, engagement, communication and employee-friendly support.

Our integrated health and wellness program connects employees with trained counselors who will provide a personalized care plan.

TELUS Health offers a range of self-paced digital programs to help employees manage common mental health issues.

Virtual Pharmacy


We’ve redesigned the pharmacy experience to better serve your employees. Depending on your organization’s needs and budget, we will work with you to find the right balance of plans and develop a sustainable plan for a healthy future.

Espri is a mobile application that allows organizations representing frontline workers to provide their staff/members and families with targeted mental health resources while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of their personal information.

Primary Care, Wellness and Benefits Management

TELUS Health Clinics


Workplace Mental Health Program

Our comprehensive programs are designed to keep employees healthy and help companies save more money in the long run. With 16 clinics across Canada, we leverage best-in-class technology to provide personalized preventive, primary and mental health care services.

TELUS Health’s Flexit360 tool makes it easy for you and your team to select and manage benefits. The intuitive solution supports your efforts in workforce satisfaction, engagement, retention, and benefits understanding.

Mental health programs tailored to your workplace by experienced clinicians. Topics include Return to the Workplace, Employee Mental Fitness and more!